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World follows the new trends, technological ideas helps us to everyday life. The need to protect that which is most precious to us and to our children - nature, was the motivator that drives the development departments of many companies. Energy intensity of the economy and the greenhouse effect is not a problem countries themselves can we fight in our house. Replace the standard halogen light bulbs to energy-saving LED GU10. Why? Because I will consume 90% less energy. Process consumes power into light energy and heat is not. You can choose the color of light.
It annoys you constantly exchanged halogen GU10 LED bulbs will solve this problem - long life coming to 50,000 hours will allow them to work without interruption for nearly six years. At this time, replace the conventional halogen lamps 50, which have a life of about 1000 hours.
GU10 LED bulbs simply replacing. Removing the old halogen and LED bulb G10 cartridges. Quickly and effortlessly thanks to the standard GU10 socket - save energy and money.

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Led bulb GU10 eco 5W COB SMART

4.89 Euro
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