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Sets of stair lighting controller + sensors

Sets of stair lighting controller + sensors
Controllers in conjunction with sensors motions / twilight, a perfect base to set up the dream of lighting the stairwell. The versatility of this solution allows you to freely choose a light source (LED strip, LED bulb, LED luminaire) according to the architect.
It does not limit us but we can set dedicated arrange our interior according to your wishes. It does not detract from the possibility of technical and maintains the intelligent nature of the solution.
This solution is often used when choosing ready-made solutions such type. Ledix.

Lighting sets of stairs - controllers and sensors

Intelligent lighting solutions are an excellent alternative to traditional lighting, which is not always able to meet the expectations of users of residential buildings or other facilities. The place to which you should pay special attention when choosing the type of lighting are the stairs. Regardless of whether they are small, multi-stage steps or large staircase leading to the next floor, they must be properly lighted. Traditional light in this situation really come true, since it does not provide enough light throughout the space. What is more difficult to light up the light before entering the stairs, and extinguish them after using them. It is neither practical nor economical. In this situation, a good solution is the intelligent lighting stairs, which turns on itself when it is needed. If you have to light up the stairs, take advantage of the most modern and innovative methods of lighting.

The solutions tested by many users

The company Restan are long-term and most proven supplier of lighting solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding users. Our lighting kits are appreciated by customers not only in Poland, but also throughout the world. We rely on the best quality equipment combined with functional and practical sets. Our lighting is safe, efficient and reliable. If you are looking for unusual, high-quality kits for lighting the stairs in our extensive offer surely find something tailored to individual expectations.

Lighting dedicated to each building

Kits for lighting the stairs consisting of controllers and sensors are the perfect each building, both in the dwelling, as well as any object public: cinema, theater, restaurants, hotel. Intelligent devices use the stairs will be convenient and comfortable because they do not have to turn on the light - it will turn on itself when it will be needed. Sets can safely be installed both indoors and outdoors. With its innovative LED lighting so you can illuminate both the staircase and stairs outdoors - leading to the front door to the garden or to the business premises. Everywhere there are stairs, led by the light will not be dark.

LED lighting is comfortable and efficient solution that allows for considerable savings in terms of electricity. LEDs illuminate with full power and provide the right amount of light while working under voltage of 12 V, making it consume little energy from the network. Low voltage is also a question of safety in everyday use - you do not have to worry about accidental electric shock in case of failure of the system. Choosing LED lighting can also be assured that it will be a solution for many years. Over time, the light does not lose its quality, and its individual components do not wear as quickly as in the case of conventional, traditional lamps.

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You can choose to set a specific number of steps

The offer sets to illuminate the stairs are proposals tailored to a specific amount of degrees. So you can adjust the device to the specific needs of the building. There are drivers and sensors adapted to 6 steps, stairs 7-10, 11-15 stairs, 16 steps, 17 steps, stairs 5-20. You can also choose to set the lighting of from 5 to 20 stairs to the controller RGB (W). It allows the completion of the full lighting staircase with a unique tape led RGB or RGBW, or color of the light source. With lighting kits so you can create a unique atmosphere in the interior. The light will act because the function is not only practical, but also decorative. Creating interior using appropriately selected lighting is a solution that is becoming more and more popular in modern trends in interior design. With lighting led to a spectacular interior design does not need additional components and investment funds. The light will successfully served as a decorative function.

Controller full of possibilities

When ordering, you will receive a set of the two most important elements necessary to plan the proper illumination light. The first one is an intelligent, high-end controller which can be programmed in many ways. The controller allows the lighting of the lights when someone is using the stairs. Light on the individual steps can light up one after the other, going along with the user at the top or bottom. It is also possible to program the time for turning on or off the light. But that's not all - thanks to the lighting controller can be programmed in such a way that the LED light bulbs are lit at full power while using the stairs, and the standby light is dim with a much lower power.

Simple and trouble-free programming

Modern and functional driver is trouble-free and reliable, with high strength and durability. It works seamlessly in all conditions. It is also very user-friendly. Programming the device takes a few moments and, if necessary, can be easily reprogrammed for other parameters. With easy-to-use controller can you plan your lighting staircase own, without the need for specialized companies. Clear and transparent instructions will enable you to quickly discover all device functions. In case of any problems with the programming of the controller we are at your disposal, serving all the necessary support and professional advice.

The sensors with adjustable sensitivity level

In addition to the driver supplied lighting you will also find two motion sensors with built-in sensors dusk. Smart devices are compatible with the controller, together forming a single, functional and reliable unit. With sensors, the use of lighting is convenient and comfortable for users, because it turns on only when necessary. The sensors are extremely sensitive and react quickly to changing environmental conditions. What's more - it is possible to adjust the level of their sensitivity depending on individual needs. Thanks lighting can join now when someone enters the building, or only when you enter the stairs.

The motion sensor detects only the traffic that is directed toward the stairs. As a result, the entire stair lighting does not turn on when someone passes just next to the stairs, but does not plan to not enter. No need to also worry that the stairs will illuminate every time when you will be on their dog or cat. The owners of domestic pets will never have to suffer the constant switching on a light without a specific need.

When it gets dark, the light on the stairs light itself

Dusk sensor responds while the intensity of light. When exceeding a preset limit on the controller light intensity lights will automatically turn on or turn off. This solution is particularly important when the illumination of stairs located outside the building. Users do not have to watch until dusk and independently switch on the light. When it gets dark, the stairs light up themselves, ensuring their safety. Stair lighting is thus outside the solution that is much more comfortable than conventional lamps, which are not able to illuminate the same way each step.

Both sensors are very efficient, robust and long-lived. They work seamlessly regardless of ambient conditions or the weather. They have a wide range of fail-safe performance, both in terms of moisture content, and temperature. They are equally effective during hot weather, cold weather, even in winter when the temperature drops below zero. With its intelligent sensors, all the lighting stair works exactly as a preprogrammed them its users. The sensors can also be easily off. In the case of a planned long absence sensors can be set to zero sensitivity - will not involve itself with scheduled times or when it gets dark. And after returning all settings will be restored to the previous level.

Sets consisting of driver and two sensors perfectly prove themselves when planning lighting staircase. We offer only the highest quality products, made from reliable materials. When choosing lighting kits can be assured that they will receive the device one hundred percent efficient, productive and fulfilling expectations. Kits can be freely selected other lighting components staircase, creating each time a unique, original and personalized sets.

All products ordered in our shop we send up to 24 hours from the time of order. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of lighting sets Restan. Certainly you will find the products that meet all the requirements placed in them.
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