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Modern LED luminaires Zamel brand TICO is a twin series of products TIMO. TICO models differ less external dimensions. The main advantages of these products, in addition to compactness, should be able to cooperate with photovoltaic cells. This makes them even more environmentally friendly.

The inspiration for the shape of the brand luminaires are Zamel geometric figures. TICO is a collection based on the square with the size 3,85cm x 3,85cm thickness of 9mm. The customer can choose the color of the casing, frame variant with or without a light color.

Energy efficient LED technology also influences the bills. The light source are two LEDs CREE high durability. They can shine up to 40 thousand. hours without a break.

TICO may be part of an intelligent lighting system, which gives unlimited creative possibilities, but also conducive to the logical use of electricity. Most often more complex lighting (multi) is set up in the hallways or the stairs. This is to ensure the safety of users of space after dark. In addition, the manufacturer has created a setting with the aim of highlighting furniture.
Our customers appreciate the interesting effect of illumination when the housing is used as a luminous corner, brightening the interior portion that binds.

The luminaire is characterized by:
• easy installation using double-sided tape or adhesive mounting
• IP44 degree of protection which allows its installation outdoors
• excellent light parameters obtained through the use of high-quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality and durability estimated at five years of continuous illumination (~ 40 000 h).

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