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RUBI LED luminaires RUBI against all other series Zamel company stands shape. The frame is round and has a diameter of 7,3cm and she reminds wheel mounted severed just below half. Producer in the main presentation shows the arrangement of stairs from the use of RUBI models. However, their use is much wider. He successfully prove themselves in the corridors, as backlight furniture or the stairs.

An important advantage of this luminaire is a high degree of protection - IP56 and protection class III. These parameters are extended to products not options. In addition, other models have radio control, the ability to change colors of light RGB controller, built-in battery, or motion sensor. These are designed for interior room, offices ... In addition to these options, customer choice is the color of the casing, light color and tension.

Without obstacles working with photovoltaic solar panels, making it future-proof solution. Durability of LEDs, which light source is estimated at 40 thousand. hours of continuous illumination. During this time, lower energy bills and the joy of interesting creations interior, which gains a second life after dark. It's a good investment, especially in the case of plans and execution install in your surroundings intelligent lighting systems which improve the comfort and safety of use of space, decorate it by changing the mood when it is dark.

The luminaire is characterized by:

• easy installation using double-sided tape or adhesive mounting
IP56 protection which allows its installation outdoors
• excellent light parameters obtained through the use of high-quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality and durability estimated at five years of continuous illumination (~ 40 000 h).
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