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LED luminaires MOZA brand Zamel this high-quality lighting products. They have many features and options, which are very popular and well in many places.

MOZA is available in four different colors: aluminum, graphite, steel scratched and patina. Depending on the type bindings are some options such as built-in motion sensor, light sensor, built-in backup battery for 1.5h framing work. Additionally, you can choose the color of the light. It is available only warm white and cold white but also - red, blue, green, or RGB. Selected types are controlled by radio, they have the possibility of dimming and brightening light or cooperate with solar systems. Power 14V DC or 230V AC.

Our clients have used the device on the facades of buildings at the side stairs leading to the entrance of the house. Another common site for housing were designed corridors - short in restaurants, the waiter to light the way to the kitchen and the long halls of apartment blocks resulting from the adaptation of workers' hostels.

The versatility of the collection will decide MOZA simple shape - inspired by geometric shapes and color range. Check in the interiors of classic. We successfully serve these vintage-inspired / retro - especially in colors olded. Drawing room from Scandinavia most will like the gray luminaires. During the day perfectly blend into the décor and when they are needed and fulfill its role as a source of light - we get the desired effect.

The luminaire is characterized by:

• easy installation using double-sided tape, glue or screws assembly (dedicated screwed to the box Ø60)
• IP44 degree of protection which allows its installation outdoors
• lumen on 2 planes: the lower and front
• excellent light parameters obtained by applying high quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality of workmanship

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