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TIMO Modern LED luminaire TIMO brand Zamel is a twin series of products TICO. TIMO models differ enlarged external dimensions. The light emitting portion of the fiber. Inspired by the shape of the casing was obviously a square. The manufacturer proposes a one-piece version or with decorative base. First the size 5x5 cm thick and 9 mm and the second 7,3x7,3 cm thick and 10 mm.

TIMO series has a number of sophisticated functionality. You can choose not only the color of the casing, the color of light, but also options include radio control whether products with the battery maintenance operation for approx. 1.5 hours.

All luminaires Zamel desklight use technology, so they are energy efficient. Sizes luminaires allow to use them both in passageways, as a highlight of furniture, or simply the stairs. For the collection TIMO spectacular illuminations manufacturer suggests using these fixtures as decorative corners of the building romantic atmosphere of the room.

LED luminaires are often used as components of intelligent lighting systems. Accessories available in our shop allow such systems in their environment to create. Products Zamel implement even the most advanced settings, so care about the safety of people who are in the zone of light and decorate the space after dark.

The luminaire is characterized by:

• easy installation using double-sided tape or adhesive mounting
• IP44 degree of protection which allows its installation outdoors
• excellent light parameters obtained through the use of high-quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality and durability estimated at five years of continuous illumination (~ 40 000 h).
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