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NAVI Contemporary creation Interior has set the two most important tasks. The first is functional and the second - uniqueness. The original interior does not have to be something else at one hundred percent. Just an item, for example. Luminaire, throwing light on a decorative element standing on the shelf beneath it. Such a task - lighting within the prescribed one direction, the manufacturer has Zamel, has set luminaires NAVI.

It's clever small but modern marvels that can really a lot. First of all, they are available in all intelligent lighting options are offered the market now. Thus, the outside color of the housing, its size, or color of light, The customer can choose whether he wants to have a motion sensor in the housing, it wants to operate the remote control, etc.

As the entire collection, also NAVI models are inspired by geometric figures. We therefore square and deposited thereon as if the peak, from which light is emitted. Intriguing solution, which the manufacturer directs especially to illumination within the furniture. We know, however, cases when the setting was hung upside down or sideways, and as shining brilliantly in one plane stressed eg. A work of art or decoration made personally. Thus, giving objects a second life after dark, inspiring and decorating - highlighting the uniqueness said.

O functionality, technical aspects and above all about saving energy, we write more with each option LED luminaires NAVI model.

The luminaire is characterized by:

• easy installation using double-sided tape or adhesive mounting
IP56 degree of protection which allows its installation outdoors
• excellent light parameters obtained through the use of high-quality LED CREE
• light color reproducibility
• high lumen output with minimum power consumption
• high quality and durability estimated at five years of continuous illumination (~ 40 000 h).
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