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Profiles for illumination stairs

Profiles for illumination stairs
Stair profiles, a new generation of aluminum, whose task is to optimum illumination and surface protection stairs. In addition, play a decorative role and function as collateral security. Non-slip cords properly applied, eliminate the risk of an accident on the stairs. Thanks to its design can be mounted in a discreet, invisible to the user, either on the surface of the stairs, playing the role of decorative and functional at the same time. The unique design allows the use of modern LED lighting. The profiles can be used LED strip with a width of 10mm. The use of modern technologies allows beacon staircase sparingly, and thus inexpensive manner in comparison with conventional light sources. Limited resources, as well as rising prices of energy carriers - is a great motivation for the use of cost-effective solutions. Stair Profiles undoubtedly combine all the expected features of the modern user.

Profiles for stair lighting

How to light up the stairs to make them safe and functional One of the best solutions using modern technology is the led profile for stair lighting. Thanks to them, you can provide as much light as you need to use it safely on each staircase.

A great alternative to traditional lighting

Traditional light sources on the stairs are not always right because they can not provide the perfect lighting in any place. There will always be less space and more light. Ordinary ceiling lamps or even wall sconces are not the best option. Moreover, they are also not very comfortable to use, because they have to be turned on and off each time they use the stairs. Lamps equipped with ordinary light bulbs are also not economical solution - in the situation of constantly rising electricity prices, you should look for other lighting options that will reduce the cost of electricity. An excellent alternative to ordinary lamps is led lighting, which offers a variety of possibilities in terms of both arrangement and subsequent lighting programming to meet individual needs and needs.

A whole lot of arrangement possibilities

The led profiles for stair lighting will work out virtually wherever you need to light a staircase or entrance stairs to the building. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are exceptionally durable, durable and resistant to atmospheric agents. They are not damaged by strong sunlight, humidity or negative temperatures. By investing in LED lighting you can be sure that the light will never fail. Stair lighting profiles will also work as part of the garden architecture - they can be installed on small steps leading from the terrace to the garden. They will provide adequate lighting to keep you going and will be a glorious, green space.

Same advantages of led lighting

Restan has a wide selection of profiles for stair lighting. We are a proven manufacturer of lighting kits and all necessary components, which together with the profiles allow to illuminate any space. All our products are made of high quality aluminum, which is long-lasting, lightweight and durable and has all the necessary certificates. We offer a range of profiles as well as a range of additional accessories that will make your lighting efficient and efficient at all times. By buying our products, you can be confident that they invest in safety, precision in construction and comfort in the use of stairs every day.

Advantages of LED lighting

Why put on the led lighting? First of all because it is extremely energy-efficient. Compared to traditional lamps that charge quite a bit of energy, the LED illumination lights up at full power while not consuming too much power from the grid. What's more, LEDs and LED bulbs are glowing with full power from the moment you turn on - you do not have to wait for the light to warm up, which is of paramount importance when using the stairs. By entering the first step, the user can use full light. LED lighting is also much more durable compared to ordinary lamps. Its longevity makes once installed lighting systems will work flawlessly for many years. By investing in the led profile for stair lighting, you can be sure that you will not have to replace it for a long time.

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STEKO profile, 18018 profile, STEKO klus profile, STEKO channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profil

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Stair profiles simple to assemble

Profiles for stair lighting can be installed practically on any staircase, regardless of their width, number of steps or where they are located. Ideally they will work well regardless of the type of material from which the stairs were made. Profiles can be fastened to wood, glass, metal or plastics. They can be fitted with appropriate fastening systems. There are various types of latches, hooks, and adhesives to glue permanently to the selected surface. Once mounted the profile will stay in the same place for many years. All our profiles are simple and easy to install. For each ordered product we attach a clear and clearly described operating instructions. So you can easily mount the lighting profiles yourself, without having to use professionals. In case of any problems with assembly or later use, we invite you to contact us - all doubts we try to explain on a regular basis. We also provide support for any subsequent use of our aluminum profiles.

High resistance to mechanical damage

Profile leds are ideal for areas that are frequently used and therefore more susceptible to mechanical damage. One such place in every building is the staircase. Stair lighting made of aluminum profiles is robust and almost impossible to damage even by stepping or kicking. It is also safe - no need to be afraid of electric shock as it operates under low voltage. Aluminum profiles can therefore be installed in homes where young children are - they are absolutely safe and do not pose any risk to the toddler. What's more, the profiles will also work in many public utilities, theaters, theaters, hotels, restaurants and wherever the traffic on the stairs is quite large. Assembly of aluminum profiles is a solution that ensures trouble-free use of both stairs and lighting for years to come.

A range of functional capabilities for assembly

Functional stair lighting can be done in many ways. First and foremost, the lighting profiles can be attached at any stage to ensure the correct illumination of each surface. They can also be mounted on handrails or on walls. The profiles are lightweight, flexible, and at the same time they have a small width - no matter where they are mounted, they will not take up space or otherwise interfere with the use of the stairwell. You can not stumble over it because they are perfectly aligned with the surface to which they are attached. Profiles for stair lighting can also be installed in every step. This is possible if stair lighting is planned already at the design stage of the building. Then you can design the stairs so that the profiles are complete with them.

Exquisite interior design

Aluminum profiles for stair lighting are also a lot of arrangement possibilities. The profiles can be fitted with LED strips of different colors of light, so that you can match the color of the lighting to the individual needs of each interior. Both white and light colors are available, which will create an unusual decorative effect in each room. While one user will respond to profiles with white light strips, others may choose more interesting color schemes. Stairs can light up in any color and even it is possible for each stage to be highlighted in a different color. Aluminum profiles will also work in any interior design - they can be fitted in classic design rooms and in modern interiors with original designs.

Two shutters to choose from

All profiles designed for stair lighting are available with two diffusers - transparent and milky. The transparent cover provides strong and intense light that perfectly illuminates the room. By choosing a transparent cover, you can be sure that the same LED lighting is enough to perfectly and safely illuminate each staircase. If, however, the LED profiles are not only functional but also decorative, it is worthwhile to bet on profiles in milky color. Thanks to them, you can get the effect of soft, filtered light, which does not harm your eyes and effectively spread in the room. Choosing the casing we leave to you - every user knows exactly what he expects from the lighting that will mount on his stairwell.

Perfectly matched to the chosen dimension

All of our staircase lighting profiles are available with attention to detail. They combine functionality and convenience with elegant and stylish design. Perfectly integrate into any space, emphasizing the elegance of the interior. Profiles are available in different lengths, so they can be perfectly matched to your individual needs. If you need profiles of a particular dimension, we also provide trimming services exactly according to customer requirements. We invite you to contact our staff - just give us your expectations regarding the size and the ordered profiles will be carefully trimmed according to your needs. In case you need profiles longer than 1 meter, please also inform us. Transport companies require extra charges for transporting shipments of over-standard dimensions. It is often the case that the maximum size depends on the country to which the shipment is to be delivered.

Used all over the world

Products offered by Restan are appreciated by users not only in Poland, but also worldwide. Our profiles for stair lighting are successfully used under every latitude. Users appreciate the quality and precision of workmanship, reliability and durability of our products. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer of profiles for stair lighting - certainly among the excellent quality of the products you will find profiles that meet all expectations.
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