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Profile to illuminate glass or acrylic

Profile to illuminate glass or acrylic
KRAV profile is designed to illuminate the edge of glass panes or sheets of plastic (eg. Acrylic) having a thickness of 5 to 6 mm.
What distinguishes profile offered by us are:
- Flexibility to adapt to the thickness profile of glass or plastic,
- Easy to install LED strips and strong and secure attachment edge of the glass or plastic.


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EX-ALU, profil, B1890 profil, EX-ALU klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, alumin
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EX-ALU, profil, B1890 profil, EX-ALU klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, alumin
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ULA profile, 18035 profile, PULA klus profile, PULA channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles,

Profiel LED PULA

47.58 Euro
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KRAV-56 profile, 18017 profile, KRAV-56 klus profile, KRAV-56 channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led

Profiel LED KRAV 56

17.06 Euro
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KRAV-810 profile,  18016 profile, KRAV-810 klus profile, KRAV-810 channel, KRAV-56 profile, 18017 profile, KRAV-56 klus

Profiel LED KRAV 810

18.71 Euro
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KRAV-05IN profile,  18045 profile, KRAV-05IN klus profile, KRAV-05IN channel, KRAV-05IN profile, 18045 profile, KRAV-05I

Profiel LED KRAV-05IN

25.90 Euro
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In addition, we made sure that the cord silicone provide a good mix of both profiles. KRAV cap consists of two overlapping parts, which are mounted separately on the profiles of Krav-D56 and Krav-Z56. The design of the plugs can cover the gap arising when mounting profiles on thicker panes.

Profiles for lighting glass or acrylic

Well-chosen lighting not only provides light to the room, but also can perform decorative functions. Interesting light sources can shape the space both inside buildings and in outlying areas. If you are looking for proven and durable lighting systems, you should pay attention to the led profiles. The wide choice and plenty of arrangement possibilities guarantee that you will definitely find the products to suit your interior needs. If traditional light sources do not provide you with interesting and satisfying systems, look for innovative and technologically advanced solutions that offer what traditional lamps or bulbs can not offer.

Leds lighting has a lot of unique advantages

Led lighting has a number of advantages that do not have traditional light sources. First and foremost, it provides a comprehensive supply of light to those areas where there is no light from the ceiling, standing or wall lamps. What's more, the led light is pleasant to the eye, does not hurt and does not even blink when it is lit at full strength. Another advantage of LED lighting is high energy efficiency. By investing in led profiles you can be sure that your electricity bills will decrease significantly. Led lighting operates under low voltage. Although light bulbs or diodes are glowing at full power, they actually draw very little power from the grid. Replacing conventional lighting systems, based on traditional incandescent bulbs, on LED lighting, you will quickly notice a lot of savings. Pleasant surprise will be the first electricity bill. In the perspective of many years of use, led lighting is an investment that will sooner or later turn up and over with.

A lot of opportunities leading to savings

Led profiles are eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and durable, durable and long lasting. Lighting systems using light bulbs, diodes and luminaires are resistant to mechanical damage and for many years operate as efficiently and efficiently as they were once installed. They do not require frequent replacements like traditional incandescent bulbs, do not burn or over heat. So they do not present any danger to the interior design elements that are located near the light source. This is of great importance in creating illumination in suspended ceilings, and wherever the lamps light up some interior elements such as furniture or wall decorations. Led profiles are safe to use and never pose any danger to the premises or to the user's everyday use.

We professionally advise on the choice of ideal lighting methods

State-of-the-art lighting systems and accessories are available in our online store. Restan is a long-standing and reputable manufacturer of led lighting, which enjoys a growing popularity among customers both at home and abroad. We strive to make our products meet the highest standards and combine functionality, durability, aesthetics and longevity. In this section we especially recommend glass and acrylic backlighting profiles that allow you to create unique lighting arrangements in every room. In our wide range of products you will surely find the right lighting for your needs. We offer comprehensive support and counseling at every stage of making a purchase or placing an order. Our consultants help you not only when choosing a particular product, but also when the lighting is being used on a daily basis. If you have any queries, we invite you to contact us - our advisers are at your disposal all the time.

Ideally they will work not only in the interiors of residential

Glass and acrylic backlit profiles are great for those who want light not only functional but also eye-catching and eye-catching. Due to these unique profiles, you can highlight the elements of the interior that you want to highlight and highlight their advantages. They will be perfect not only in residential interiors, but also in shopping malls, exhibitions or fairgrounds. They can be used to highlight stands, advertisements, large windows on exhibitions or exhibition displays. Lightly illuminates every surface, giving it a unique look. Glass and acrylic backlighting profiles are also used in museums and art galleries.

Durable and durable mounting to the selected surface

Stylish and functional glass and acrylic backlighting profiles have a variety of applications and are easy to install and can be adjusted to the thickness of glass or plastic that is planned to be illuminated. Profiles are easy to assemble, assembled using various types of accessories. The mount is durable and durable - once attached the profile will remain in the same place as long as it is needed. Along with the ordered profiles, we also provide a clear and clear user guide, which allows you to mount the profiles yourself, without having to use professional services.

It is important to protect the profiles against moisture

Glass and acrylic backlit profiles work well in both indoor and outdoor lighting. They are very durable and resistant to damage. Even in places that are particularly frequented and exposed to damage by users, interesting lighting installations work perfectly. Even for many years, they look as good as they were when they were assembled. However, it must be remembered that despite the excellent parameters, they are not watertight and should not be used in open areas. If they are to be installed outdoors and exposed to bad weather, they should be covered so that they do not reach rainwater or excessive moisture.

Lighting decorations for any interior

Stylish glass and acrylic backlit profiles work well in virtually any room. They give a nice, delicate light that perfectly illuminates the illuminated surface. They can be used for backlighting of wall decorations, furniture, bathroom mirrors and all other glass elements. Perfectly presented with glass furniture, worktops or sideboards. Delicate illumination looks very well in any kind of interior, both in classical and modern rooms, decorated according to the latest design trends. Glass or acrylic illuminating profiles work well with standing or lying elements, but can also be used with hanging elements. Illuminated hanging decorations are a proposition for users who want a unique interior decoration. In our offer you will find all the necessary elements to create unique hanging ornaments.

Cords adapted to the individual needs of the room

For window and acrylic lighting, you can choose either transparent or dulled shutters. The choice depends on the individual needs of the users. Both versions have slightly different functions. Transparent shutters give bright, strong light that perfectly illuminates the illuminated surface. On the other hand, dairy overlays are more important when it comes to decorative issues. Gently filter the light, disperse it and make it slightly muffled. So lighted glass or acrylic elements can be a great addition to the interior. Ideally, they show especially when there are no other light sources outside the illuminating surfaces. However, even if there are other light sources in the room, the illuminated elements are an interesting decoration of the interior.

Dimensions tailored to your needs

In our extensive range of glass and acrylic backlighting profiles you will find only the profiles. All accessories are in accessories section. There are perfect matched end caps, shutters, hinges, fasteners, microswitches and all accessories that will provide the functionality of the entire lighting system. If you are interested in our backlighting profiles but are interested in your length more than 1 meter, please let us know. Courier companies in different countries have different standards in delivering shipments of over-standard dimensions. Size information is needed for proper pricing of delivery costs. In our offer you will also find the service of cutting profiles to any size. If you have not found a product that meets your length requirements, there is no problem. Please let us know - we will get profiles for the selected dimension.

Quality and precision in which to invest

All products offered in our shop are the highest quality lighting components and accessories that meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Our profiles are successfully used and assembled worldwide. Every order is made with care for the smallest details and we send in the shortest possible time. Due to this, you can enjoy interesting and unique lighting in a short time from order placement. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of unique lighting profiles designed to illuminate glass, acrylic and other transparent plastics. In the rich offer of the best and functional products you will certainly find something perfect for your interior. You're welcome.

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