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LED profiles for plasterboard

LED profiles for plasterboard
LED profiles for plasterboard are a specialized type of aluminum profiles for installation in the building material with the characteristics. As the name implies plate referred to are made of plaster cardboard sheltered. Because of the ease of cutting, lightness and diverse thickness, their use is extremely wide.

Depending on whether the plasterboard will be part of the ceiling or wall will be smoothed or shared room into smaller sections take different shapes and accessories have a special purpose, allowing for quick and efficient assembly. In one case, just you use double-sided tape to the profile perfectly matched and was permanently attached, at other times, eg. In suspended ceilings - should help the fixings spring, in order to properly fit the profile of the distance between the plate and the original ceiling.

Due to its properties, construction of plasterboard give enormous opportunities to create lighting in the interiors of various purpose.

When planning the installation, you should keep in mind that these elements of the plates in which they find themselves, LED luminaires, or profiles with LED strips should be installed at a distance from the wall or ceiling. This is due to heating of the light source, thus the need to ensure the safety of the occupants. In the case of profiles and LED strips, LED heat up slightly, so this distance may be less. Although the power LED strip is not as great as fixtures or bulbs, they are often chosen because of its small size - for use virtually anywhere and due to energy efficiency, which is very important in complex lighting systems.

You have also mentioned that during the assembly of all profile-fitting requires the prior bring them power cables. Power supplies can be placed loose on the left side of the ceiling or wall thickness.

The advantage of architectural profiles for LED luminaires is their height. It has been designed in such a way that the diodes with a pitch of 15 mm and milk cover glowed a uniform line of light. The light source can be here one or two LED strips with a width of 10 mm.

Types of architectural profiles LED assembly with the participation of plasterboard available in our offer:
- Profile of the surface of the wall / ceiling, anodized, a variety of possible assembly, e.g.,. With a latch, with the support surface springs, screw, or just that - an adhesive;
- Other profiles mounted on the surface,
- Aluminum profiles mounted in the grooves,
- Technical profiles forming grooves for mounting other profiles.

Presented profiles are designed in such a way that served also as the housing. They allow easy design of lighting systems and the use of light sources with a small size. They can be used not only in construction and interior fitting, therefore, the use of plasterboard. Well they fulfill their functions in the furniture industry, advertising, exhibiting, etc.


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Led profiles for plasterboard

Modern materials used in interior design require the use of appropriate, equally modern and proven lighting. This is the case for plasterboards, which are increasingly used to create partition walls or suspended ceilings. Gypsum plasterboards are lightweight yet durable and durable, making them ideal as an interesting interior design. Suspended ceiling made of gypsum plasterboard presents great, and the lighting installed in it performs functions not only usable but also decorative. Due to this ceiling, the choice of lighting options is much greater than in the case of ordinary ceilings. The same is true for walls made of plasterboards. Also, you can install interesting lighting sets that shape the character of the interior.

Secure connection to gypsum boards

For gypsum plasterboard will perfectly match the led lighting. Why? At least for several reasons. First and foremost, it's about security and functionality. By combining g-k plates with ordinary light sources and conventional light bulbs, it is important to keep in mind that the latter quickly heat up. So they can not be too close to the plates. When designing and installing such a ceiling it is important to remember to leave sufficient space between the plate surface and the bulb. Too little distance creates a real danger of fire or destruction of the plate, and thus the entire ceiling arrangement. In case of lighting led this problem practically does not exist. Bulbs or leds, though giving as much light as traditional incandescent bulbs, do not get as warm as ordinary incandescent bulbs. They can therefore be installed near gypsum boards without fear that they will be destroyed or will endanger the users of the room.

Possibility of reducing electricity costs

No heating is not the only advantage that encourages the use of led lighting in conjunction with gypsum plasterboard. Bulbs, diodes and led leds are also an easy way to get savings. Led lighting, though shining as bright as ordinary incandescent bulbs, gets very little power from the grid, which is almost immediately visible in lower electricity bills. Replacing the lighting throughout the house from ordinary to led can significantly reduce the cost of electricity. But that's not all - led lighting is also durability and longevity, which have no ordinary light sources. By investing in led lights you can be sure that for many years it will work just as well as just after mounting. You can also forget about having to replace the bulbs regularly. True, led lighting is not indestructible, but bulbs or tapes are much less common than regular incandescent bulbs, which often take several weeks to burn. There is no need to mention what the problem is when replacing lighting in the suspended ceiling.

High-end products and professional advice

Restan has for years offered its customers only the highest quality LED lighting and all the components and accessories necessary for its smooth and trouble-free operation. All our products are made from the best materials, they work smoothly and reliably. In our offer you will find a wide range of plasterboard led boards that can be quickly and accurately designed and then illuminated in any room. All our clients are provided with top-notch service as well as professional advice in case of any questions or doubts. At each stage of the buying process and later our advisors will be at your disposal.

Durable and reliable plate mounting systems

Choosing plaster led boards for plasterboards is as big as the possibilities of using plasters. Partition wall, alignment of uneven wall surface or suspended ceiling - each of these elements requires a slightly different led profile. All models, models, and even colors are easy to find in our products. Profiles can be assembled using various methods. In some situations it is sufficient to use a special permanent adhesive or double-sided tape to keep the profile in one place and not to be damaged. However, sometimes it is necessary to use springs or hooks for special profiles. This is especially true when lighting is incorporated into a suspended ceiling. The appropriate fixing system allows for the proper positioning of the led profile between the gypsum plasterboard and the original ceiling. Led gypsum boards are easy to install and do not require much work. Profiles are light, have a small width, so they do not take up a lot of space or load the ceiling. Once mounted, they will stay in place for many years, providing users with eye-pleasing light.

Wide use possibilities in the interiors

Led profiles as a complement to gypsum plasterboard arrangements are ideal for practically every interior, regardless of function, destination or size. They are durable and resistant to high temperatures and humidity, so they work perfectly even in the kitchen and bathroom as a supplement to other light sources or as a primary lighting solution. The effect of lighting made of them will surely attract the eyes. What's more, LED lighting fits any style - both in classic décor and in very modern style rooms, LED lighting is perfect and provides the right light for the interior.

Mounting on the surface or in the grooves

In our offer you will find several types of architectural led profiles, which are designed for mounting with plasterboards. Wall and ceiling profiles, anodised and multi-purpose options are available, from special latches to double-sided self-adhesive tapes. We also offer other surface-mounted profiles that are perfect for every arrangement of cardboard plaster. The other products that deserve attention are the profiles to be fitted in the grooves and the technical profiles that make up the grooves to assemble other profiles. Before you can choose a particular profile, it's a good idea to first plan your gypsum plasterboard design and rethink the type of lighting.

Choose from a variety of shutters

Led gypsum plasterboard led profiles are designed to also function as luminaire. They can be used in different light sources of small size, not just special led strips. All of our plasterboard profiles offer not only functionality and durability, but also aesthetics of workmanship with care for the finest details. Due to that, the profiles look great even when the light is off. They are elegant, simple and minimalist in form, beautifully emphasize the character of the interior and do not overwhelm it with its size. Led profiles are delicate and do not take up much space. They are fitted with transparent or milk-colored casings. You can choose the type of light that will fit perfectly into the room. If led profiles in gypsum plasterboards are to be primarily functional and provide light to the room, models with transparent casing will work perfectly. If the lighting is to perform not only practical but also decorative functions, it is worth choosing profiles with milk casing. They gently filter and diffuse the light, creating a unique ambience in the room. Profiles with milk drapes beautifully emphasize furniture, interior decoration elements or interesting wall-paintings on the wall.

Anodization increases the durability and aesthetics of profiles

Available in our shop plasterboard profiles are at the stage of production are subjected to the process of anodising, ie the electrolytic production of aluminum oxide layer on the surface. Anodizing makes the profile surface more durable and resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. What's more, dueto anodization, the profile becomes satin-like matte, making it visually presentable much better.

Led profiles available in different sizes

Restan Company offers luminous profiles of different lengths. However, if you need profiles longer than 1 meter, please tell us about the exact dimensions. Depending on the country to which the consignments are sent, the maximum allowable lengths are different. For longer profiles, individual delivery costs are required. We also provide profile cutting services for a selected length, if standard lengths of available profiles do not meet the expectations of our customers. If you need profiles of a specific size, please contact us. We will cut profiles according to individual needs. All ordered in our shop we send products to the recipient as soon as possible. Due to this, you can install profiles in your home within a short time of order placement.

All Led Ceiling Lamps offered in our shop are high quality lighting products, tested and tested by a number of satisfied customers. By buying our profiles you can be confident that they invest in comfort, exceptional aesthetics, durability and longevity. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our profiles and lighting accessories.
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