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Extrusion for lighting of niches

Extrusion for lighting of niches
Profiles for lighting niches

Illumination of a home or apartment should be well planned - none of the elements can be accidental, as all lighting sets are composite, functional and convenient to use. If you are looking for lighting that meets your expectations for aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency, LED lighting will be the perfect solution. It has many advantages that make it a better alternative to traditional light sources such as standing lamps, wall lamps and hanging lamps. Moreover, there are places where the only lighting solution can be just the led profile.


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LIT-L profile, 18033 profile, LIT-L klus profile, LIT-L channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profil

Profile LED LIT-L

18.65 Euro
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NISA-KON, profil, B18027 profil, NISA-KON klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, alumin


13.40 Euro
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NISA-KRA, profil, B18026 profil, NISA-KRA klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, alumin


15.08 Euro
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NISA-NI, profil, B18029 profil, NISA-NI klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, aluminiu


16.13 Euro
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NISA-PLA, profil, B18028 profil, NISA-PLA klus profil, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles, alumin


13.21 Euro
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POLI profile, B7176 profile, POLI klus profile, POLI channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles,

Profile LED POLI

8.15 Euro
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It is worth to bet on the proven brand

Restan offers a wide selection of lighting fixtures, led profiles and accessories to illuminate virtually any interior. We are a long-term, proven manufacturer of top quality lighting. By making a purchase in our store you can be sure that all products will work smoothly and for a long time without fail. We are well aware that lighting has many names and the right amount of light needs not only the center of the rooms, but also the architectural niches. We have extended our offer to niche lighting profiles, which will bring the light of light wherever you need it. Architectural niches are an element that is found both in old, traditional buildings and in modern trends in architecture. That's why the light-adjustable profiles are so visually designed to fit any style and are always perfectly integrated into the rest of the interior.

Sources of considerable savings

Why use led profiles? First of all, because it is convenient for everyday use, functional and energy efficient. By replacing ordinary bulbs with bulbs and profiles using bulbs or leds, you can be sure that your electricity bills are going to drop significantly in the near future. Bulbs and LEDs are glowing at full power, being the ideal source of light, while not consuming too much energy from the network. Investing in led lighting is a simple way to make big savings in the future. Taking into account the fact that the electricity in recent years is constantly increasing, LED lighting is the ideal solution. It is worthwhile to consider them especially when it will be used to illuminate places frequently used where the light will stay on for a long time during both day and night. And while the architectural niches, even in full daylight, remain somewhat under the shade and require additional lighting, the energy-efficient LED profiles will work well in these locations.

Investing in led profiles - once in a while

Another advantage of led profiles is their longevity, durability and durability. Profiles for illuminated niches are mounted on the edge of the niche or at the back of the niche. Various mounting options are available, depending on the selected accessories. Each time, however, you can be sure that once mounted profiles will not only perfectly integrate into the niche, but also will be impeccably functioning for many years. Led profiles are made from the highest quality materials and materials, are resistant to mechanical damage, function well during high temperatures and high humidity. Moreover, they are trouble-free in maintenance and easy to keep clean. Assembly of led profiles will make users forget about lighting. As long as the led profiles are placed in their interiors with the diodes. So you do not have to worry that the light source in the profile will require frequent replacement. This is an advantage that does not have traditional light sources, based on ordinary light bulbs.

A light and reliable light source

Profiles for niche illumination are a special group of profiles dedicated to illuminating different types of niches. They create climatic and atmospheric lighting in any interior, while the light source is invisible to the occupants of the room. When using profiles to illuminate a niche you can achieve an original arrangement effect in every room. Architectural niches are found in various interiors, both in the representative and the usable ones. In the kitchen they sometimes serve as a large pantry wardrobe, in the hallway or in the living room of a separate niche you can make a comfortable and comfortable use of the wardrobe or room to store anything that does not fit in the closet.

You can mount at the edge or in the depth of the niche

However, to use the niche without problems, it needs a suitable light source, located right at the edge or deeper. Profiles for niche illumination will do their job one hundred percent, providing the right light source wherever needed. Illumination of the niche is difficult, so it is quite a problem to place a traditional light source in it. The ceiling lamp in the niche will be a poor solution, the standing lamp will take up too much space and the wall sconces can cause problems in everyday use. In this situation, niche illuminated profiles are the only convenient solution to provide light in such unusual locations.

For living rooms, offices and utilities

Profiles for illuminating the niche will work wherever there are architectural niches. In both residential and office environments, shops, shopping malls and showrooms, led profiles are a solution that no other lighting method can match. After mounting the profile, the light source is most often directed upward, which illuminates the ceiling and slightly diffuses the light. However, it is not a problem to mount a profile that will shine at another angle. Everything depends on the individual needs and expectations of users of the interior. There is also no problem finding such a profile whose light will point downwards.

Simple and trouble-free installation anywhere

Profiles for niche illumination are not only functional and impressive, but also very easy to assemble. Anyone can mount them on their own, without having to call a team of specialists. We have a clear and easy-to-read user guide for each profile you order. Due to it, you can manually, step by step, mount a profile in the desired location. If you have any problems during the assembly phase or during later operation, our consultants are at your disposal. We will provide you with expert advice and support whenever you need them. We will advise you on the choice of a specific profile as well as all the necessary accessories needed for it, which are necessary for proper assembly.

A range of functional models to choose from

Profiles for illuminated niches are available in different models to choose from, so you can choose the profile that will suit your expectations. We offer both profiles that mount right at the edge of the niche and those that work well inside. Profiles can be easily mounted to various surfaces made of different materials. Equally durable and reliable will be attached to wood, brick, plasterboard and other finishing materials. Moreover, the profile can be covered with plaster or paint, so it can be hidden and hidden. Visible users will only have the effect of spectacular light spreading throughout the interior.

Shades that meet the needs of users

By choosing profiles for the niche illumination, you have the option of selecting a shutter that will be attached to the main profile. There are two types of dials - dairy and transparent - which can be tailored to your individual needs. Transparent curtains give a bright, strong light that will perfectly match the architectural niches in the utility rooms. Intense light will perfectly illuminate every corner of the niche without leaving room for darkened corners. The dairy curtains nicely filter the light and gently disperse it, creating a unique atmosphere in the interior. They will look first and foremost where the niches are decorative and feature interesting interior design elements that are worth highlighting and highlighting. Choosing a shutter is worthwhile at the stage of profile selection - so you can immediately mount these two elements and enjoy the perfect lighting.

Highest quality, functionality and durability

All niche lighting profiles available in our shop are high quality products made of excellent materials and materials. They guarantee trouble-free use, longevity and an attractive light source. Our products have all the necessary approvals and certificates that modern indoor lighting kits need. The led profile for the niche illumination enjoy the growing interest of users who appreciate quality, assembly precision and durability and longevity. By ordering aesthetic and functional profiles, you can be confident that they are investing in products that meet even the most demanding users. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of unique and technologically advanced led profiles and a wide range of components to facilitate fast, trouble-free and efficient assembly.

Led lighting is a solution to invest in, because a whole range of its advantages is not to be overestimated. All ordered in our shop we send products in the shortest time possible. Due to that, you can enjoy new, efficient and effective profiles immediately after purchase, providing a unique backlight for every interior. We highly recommend.

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