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PROFILE to mount into handrails

PROFILE to mount into handrails
Led profiles for handrail and balustrades

Stairs and staircases are one of the places that require special attention to lighting. It is not just a visual effect, but above all the comfort and safety of the people who use the stairs every day. On stairs traditional light sources are often insufficient because they do not provide enough light for each surface. Ceiling lamps or wall sconces, though shining brightly, with strong light, do not reach every corner of the stairs. Most often hang on the floor, which leads to the part of the stairs in the shade. Such a solution makes it difficult to use the stairs, especially when the stairwell has no windows and no access to natural daylight.


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PDS4, profile, B1718 profile, PDS4 klus profile, PDS4 channel, profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles

Profil, LED extrusions PDS-NK

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Leds lighting has a lot of advantages

To ensure safe and comfortable moving around the stairs, you should choose modern, high-tech led lighting. First of all because it gives you many possibilities and allows you to properly illuminate each element of the stairs. Led lighting is gaining popularity year by year because it has many advantages that do not have traditional light sources. First of all - LED lighting is much cheaper and can reduce high electricity bills. Tape, bulb and LED luminaires are lit at full power with little power from the grid. Users feel the difference almost once. After replacing the light from the ordinary to the leds already the first electricity bill can be a pleasant surprise. LED lighting also does not need time for the so-called start - lights up at full power right after switching on. Another advantage of LED lighting is its durability and longevity. By choosing this kind of light you can be sure that it will perform perfectly and without fail for many years. It does not take a few weeks or months to replace incandescent bulbs for new ones, as is the case with ordinary lamps, and this also translates into additional savings.

It is worth to bet on a proven lighting manufacturer

Restan is a proven and long-lasting manufacturer of high-end LED lighting that works great in any building - inside or outside. We offer the highest quality lighting sets, accessories and components to give you a complete illumination of any space. In the wide range of our lighting you will find such products that will be perfectly tailored to your individual needs. We provide support and professional advice at every stage of the buying process as well as later. If you have any questions or doubts during your use of the lighting purchased in our shop, our advisors are at your disposal. Just send us a query or call and we will quickly resolve any problem.

Illuminated handrails and balustrades enhance safety

In our offer of stair lighting you can find not only the profiles for lighting the stairs themselves, but also the sets that are designed to light the balustrades and handrails. The fact that a well-lit handrail is of paramount importance to the safety of the staircase user does not need to be persuaded. Regardless of whether the stairs are small and multi-step or large with many steps, handrail or railing increase comfort and convenience. It is therefore worthwhile to ensure that well-lit stairs and well rails are also accompanied by well-lit stairs.

It can be installed inside and outside buildings

Lead profiles for handrails and balustrades can be installed both inside and outside the building. This makes it possible to provide lighting not only on the staircase, but also on stairs leading to the house, the garden or the utility room on the property. They will work well with any length of stairs - both small steps and large stairs leading to the next storey in the building. You can always adjust the length and number of led profiles to the specific needs of your staircase.

However, when installing aluminum profiles outdoors, remember that despite their exceptional durability, they are not waterproof. Outdoor lighting can only be used when the railing or handrail is protected from rain or snow.

For residential buildings and facilities crowded

Profiles will work well not only in residential buildings, but also in any public facility where safety is required for people walking up the stairs. Especially in such venues as cinemas, theaters, restaurants or hotels, the stairs are usually large and spacious, and require well thought out lighting. In addition to lighting the same stairs, it is necessary to have good lighting of the railing. This ensures that stair users can safely walk across the entire length of the stairs. Well-lit handrails and balustrades are particularly important in buildings that are used by older people or with mobility problems.

High quality, trouble-free and quick assembly

Led profiles for handrails and balustrades are made of high-quality materials, ideally suited to the needs of the staircase. They are resistant to any damage, durable and durable. Profiles are also easy to assemble, so you can mount them yourself, without the need to call professionals. For every profile sent to your profile, we include a clear and clear user guide that will guide you step by step through the assembly process and subsequent use of the profiles. Assembly of profiles is possible by means of various elements. There are profiles that can be fitted with latches or hooks, but you can also choose profiles that are glued with special glue. Once attached the profile will ideally be presented and can not be dropped - the glue is durable and reliable regardless of weather conditions, moisture levels or temperature.

All our profiles for rails and balustrades are designed to be installed on any type of material. No matter if you have wooden handrails, metal or any plastic, mounting profiles will be quick and trouble free. It is also possible to combine profiles with gypsum boards so that they can be installed practically anywhere. Assembly of aluminum profiles for any material is not only convenience and functionality, but also great arrangement possibilities. Due to the versatility of our profiles you can be sure that they perfectly blend in every interior design. Ideally, they will be present at both traditional and classic stairs, as well as stairs leading to modern trends. Mounted on handrails or railings aluminum profiles are comfortable to use. Due to their small width they do not hinder the use of handrails and although they perfectly illuminate the space, they are virtually imperceptible and do not occupy space.

Color choice for the user

Our aluminum profiles for handrails and balustrade are mainly designed for creating complete LED lighting fixtured on soft or hard strips. Profiles are available with two apertures to choose from - transparent or matt. Choosing a shutter depends only on the individual needs of the user. The transparent shutter gives full, strong light and provides excellent illumination of the space. The dairy shutter effectively filters the light so it is slightly cloudy and damp. This gives an interesting arrangement effect, and stair lighting can then perform functions not only usable, but also decorative. In profiles, you can also use LED leds in different colors. Not necessarily railings or handrails must be lighted in white - they may also have other eye-catching colors. Although most stairs are illuminated in cool or warm white tones, in other buildings, especially entertainment, colorful LED strips are used.

Proven, durable and long lasting

By choosing profiles for the lighting of handrails and balusters offered by our store, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality products that meet all the requirements and standards required by the lighting accessories. Our profiles are reliable, safe to use and durable so that lighting will be reliable for many years to come. The quality of our products is constantly being challenged by new customers, and our innovative profiles serve to illuminate the property not only in Poland, but also around the world. Products available in our shop will be shipped easily to any place in Poland and abroad. All ordered products are shipped as soon as possible. The final delivery date depends on the specific courier company that delivers the shipment in your country.

We cut to the selected dimension

In our shop you can buy profiles of any size. However, if you need profiles longer than 1 meter, please note the exact length as it depends on the delivery cost. Couriers have different restrictions on the size of shipments. The cost of delivery to different countries may be slightly different. We also offer cutting profiles to any size - if you do not meet the standard length of available profiles, please also inform us. We will put them exactly according to your indications. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of profiles for handrails and balustrades. Surely among our products you will find the ones that will perfectly meet your expectations.

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