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Polish manufacturer of architectural lighting creates SKOFF under its banner modern and durable products. One of the flagship products are LED luminaire collection under the name Music Line. The housing part is aluminum RUMBA a very simple method of assembly, ie. By means of adhesive tape or glue.


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oprawa led SKOFF, LED luminaire SKOFF, LED-Leuchte SKOFF, LED svítidlo SKOFF, Светодиодный светильник SKOFF


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LED lighting has many advantages. The greatest energy savings and miniaturization in modern style. Power consumption, depending on the color of the emitted light and the degree of protection IP (20-56) is from 0.6 to 1W. Manufacturer predicted 4 light color options to choose from: white, green, red and blue. Fittings is silver, as the metal from which it is made.

Luminaire can be mounted virtually anywhere and in a variety of configurations. In the case rumba parallel connection is recommended. Several products next to each other can illuminate the corridor, facilitating movement after dark. Combined into lighting systems are not only practical, but they give an excellent effect in response to the movement (with an appropriate control forming the whole system), are beautiful light decoration. Even a single device attached to the underside of the hanging cupboards create an interesting illumination within the site with your favorite collection of glasses. Luminaire can also highlight staircases or simply complement the wall cavity interesting lighting, building a warm atmosphere in the evening.

RUMBA are products on the narrow aluminum pads, holding the sides of the bezel hides the light source. LED module is non-exchangeable, but this stability is estimated at 50 thousand. burning hours. In addition, each product from the offer comes with a 24 month warranty.