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LED strips - 5630

Choosing LED strip 5630 is suggested for people who want to get very strong lighting while saving. The brightness in this case is so large that it may constitute the only light in the room. And it works as a smart lightbar at home and in the company. LED strip 5630 is applicable in shop windows, reception of hotels, lodges restaurant, or as a reward advertising, but also in the backlighting garage and other places belonging to the architecture of the garden and home. With the use of tape for this designation you can ensure the safety of the stairs, and other communication routes.

Code number 5630 means the dimensions of the diodes. In this case, it is 5.6 to 3 millimeters. When buying LED tape is worth paying attention to its performance, ie the number of lumens that accrue to one watt. LED strip 5630 is the most modern edition of LED lighting. Strong light that they emit is also energy efficient, so the purchase will not be felt for your wallet. LED strip is tailored to. Elastic strap and the ability to cut to the desired length, it can be mounted in almost any location. Selecting a variant waterproof - even outdoors and in areas exposed to increased humidity. Deciding to buy as professional led strips, gain a guarantee of their longevity. The choice of color variations and individual parameters as well as accessories such as dimmers makes you draw the product perfectly meets your needs stuff in efficiency lighting. And so you need not compromise on value for money.

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