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LED strips - RGB

RGB LED strip is characterized by the highest technical quality and excellent aesthetic. This is a category of flexible strip lighting, which are distinguished by the ability to change their color. Now you do not have decide in the moment of  purchasing what color you want to highlight the interior of your home or business. The possibility of any change is a guarantee of surprising solutions. Deciding on the color red, green or blue, or determining the frequency of spontaneous color change, enter into your interior a lot of colors. This type of lighting will give any place where it will be installed, individual character. 

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Napięcie zasilania / Voltage / Versorgungsspannung
Barwa światła / Coulor of the light / Farbe
Ilość diod (rolka 5m) / Led quantity (5m) / LED Menge (5m Rolle)
Moc na 1m / Power consumption 1m / Abgabeleistung 1m
Klasa IP / IP protection class / IP Schutzklasse
Typ diody / LED type / LED Typ
Color leds for the remote control - professional IP65- RGB
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Colorful wall leds - professional - RGB
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LED strip professional IP65 -RGB
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LEDs colored strip - waterproof IP68 - SMD5050 / 300 RGB
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Color LEDs for the room on the remote control - professional - RGB
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Successfully give it a decorative ceilings, stairs, baseboards, as well as advertisements and websites. RGB LED strip will captivate visitors and encourage customers to enter.

RGB LED strip is a product to meet the technological advancement of the twenty-first century. You can buy them a variety of accessories such as controllers, power supplies, and aluminum profiles for aesthetic and durable mounting led strips. These types of products work with dimmer. With the ability to set individual colors, you have a chance to adjust the lighting to the specific situation. Red will introduce a romantic mood, and green energy will add enough that you try the concrete solutions. External advertising company, highlighted in an intriguing way, will provide the professionalism and will be made in the memory for a long time. Therefore, offering our store this RGB LED strip easy to install and can cut to a specific length. Marking IP are responsible for the degree of water resistance, so you do not have to limit your imagination in terms of the location of this type of lighting.

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