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LED strips - 5050

Led stirp based on  SMD5050 diod is the ideal choice for decorative lighting. It gives a strong light, so in a very unobtrusive way directs his eyes toward accent place. Fits perfectly as a light furniture, alcoves, stairs, and in a waterproof version - also places before entering the home or business. This product makes it ideal also for the installation of the ceiling of a tension acting on the dot and highlighting the aesthetic qualities of such a structure. If you want to conjure up a real starry sky in your child's room or your own bedroom, LED strip 5050 will work perfectly.

Designation refers to the size of the LEDs 5050 disposed on the led strips. In this case, the dimensions are 5 by 5 mm. This size does not directly affect the brightness of the LEDs. The most important parameter when choosing a tape tailor-made, is her performance. By this is meant the number of lumens per watt. This aspect does not translate to shorten the life of the LEDs. LED strip 5050 has an unflagging popularity among customers who appreciate creative, unobtrusive design and high aesthetic appeal. With the ability to choose between products uninsulated (IP20) and insulated waterproof (IP65, IP67, IP68), the led stirip with the size of the LEDs can be adapted to your own vision of space. It is worth noting that the choice of color options as well as for the LED strip 5050 is very large. Easy installation and the ability to trim it to your preferred length, yet more evidence of a wide range of possible applications.

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