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LED strips - 5730

Led strip LED 5730 is the most modern product avaiable on the market. It is a professional proposal lighting for offices and homes in which the LED strip is to be the only source of light. The high brightness of this product makes it a top solution in the category of fashionable proposal interior lighting design. Recent trends show that it is good to highlight a specific location in the room. Yourself decide if it will be a suspended ceiling, an interesting niche, whether such communication route leading to the stairs. Clear dividing line the inside of a positive impact on his appearance. 

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Ilość diod (rolka 5m) / Led quantity (5m) / LED Menge (5m Rolle)
Moc na 1m / Power consumption 1m / Abgabeleistung 1m
Klasa IP / IP protection class / IP Schutzklasse
Typ diody / LED type / LED Typ
Strumień świetlny (metr) / Luminous flux (meter) / Lichtstrom (m
Led strip 5730 - SMD5730 - CRI95
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Led strip 5730 - CRI95
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Proposal LED strip 5730 is also addressed towards entrepreneurs who want to stand out, but at the same time do not want to pay too high electricity bills. LED strips, even shining so brightly, it is still economical and ecological solution.

Code number to the name LED strip indicates the dimensions of the LED. 5730 is the size of 5.7 to 3 millimeters. The most important parameter when choosing LED strip is its performance, which is the number of lumens per watt. Increased productivity has no effect on the viability of LEDs disposed on the led strip. In the case of LED strip 5730 you can choose the degree of water resistance, led strip intended to be fitted in the interiors not exposed to high humidity (IP20), to the increasing water resistance up to IP68 degree of isolation. Such products can be installed in bathrooms, as well as in the open air, where water may collect. Due to LED strip 5730 is not only professional, bright LEDs, but also the possibility of self-arrangement of any area with its participation.

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