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LED strips - RGBW

RGBW LED strip created as a result of an innovative connection between more traditional LEDs and RGB LEDs SMD 5050 can be selected so individual, invigorating color RGBW LEDs and combine it with alternating LEDs in the key of hot or cold (depending on the specific model). Such a proposal is directed primarily toward people who want to use decorative strip of LEDs. A strong possibility of individual settings makes this type of product come true as stylish interiors and a variety of both home and public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. Clearly highlight the exhibition, paying attention to attractive products, as well as differentiate the appearance of cavities or stairs.

All the advantages of LED strip RGBW discover dues to the comfortable cotroller, which you can buy in the accessories section. Using oneyou can change the color of the LEDs, as well as choose the color change in a continuous or step. In addition to this we also offer aluminum profiles that can be used during installation. But this is not necessary. The easiest way is this type of LED strip placed in the chosen position by means of double-sided adhesive tape for this purpose. So there is no need for any additional tools, and the product can be moved to any place without damaging it in case of change of arrangement. RGBW LED strip can be cut to your preferred length. The LED in the described type of tape needs only a little more than one second to shine its full brightness.

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RGBW LED strip - neutral - PROF

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