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SMART LED bulbs MR16 thread also known as GU5.3 are powered by 12 volts savings resulting from the change of the light source are obvious. Longer life LED MR16 bulbs combined with energy efficiency makes traditional halogen bulbs can not match them. In case of replacement of halogen MR16 socket-based pay, however, to the fact that in addition to lamp replacement power supply needs to be replaced. Halogen bulbs use while toroidal power LED bulb MR16 LED power supplies. We have a full selection of different models that we can offer you.
MR16 LED bulbs are not designed to work with dimmers, use them in a circuit with dimmers can be damaged, Please pay attention to it when their use.

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Gwint żarówki / Base / Sockel
Moc żarówki / Power of led bulb / Leistung
Kąt rozsyłu światła / Beam angle / Abstrahlwinkel
lampa meblowa 12V, lampa schodowa 12V, Furniture lamp 12V, 12V lamp staircase, Möbel Lampe 12V, 12V Lampen Treppe, Nábyt

Lamp Furniture - staircase LED COB 12V 2W warm white

7.76 Euro
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żarówka led e27 100w, żarówka led e27 allegro, żarówka led e27 10w, żarówka led e27 philips, żarówka led e27 20w, żarówk

Led bulb MR16 4,5W 24SMD5050 SMART warm white

4.51 Euro
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