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Constant current LEDTRONIC series

Constant current LEDTRONIC series
Power supplies included in the series LEDTRONIC are products of the highest quality, designed for use in professional lighting products, such as lamps or floodlighting led. Power supplies from this series are very easy to install, due to the small size of the openings and additional installation. In addition, they have several options for the output current in a single device. When choosing a product of the highest quality, the buyer can be sure that it meets all the stringent international standards created for lighting equipment, which is associated with long-term operation of the device.

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PCC60W-MC-Match, PCC40W-MC-Match, PCC-40W-DC-DALI


20.48 Euro
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PCC60W-MC-Match, PCC40W-MC-Match, PCC-40W-DC-DALI


24.26 Euro
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PCC60W-MC-Match, PCC40W-MC-Match, PCC-40W-DC-DALI


32.70 Euro
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