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Aluminium channel, extrusions

Aluminium channel, extrusions
The aluminum profiles in different colors is a choice for which there were many people. Why have a beautiful kitchen in mahogany color I use aluminum? Now there is no longer the inconvenience offer aluminum profiles in many colors. We offer profiles Know the LED color: matte gold, stainless steel, matte black, pine, rosewood, wenge, white, are complemented by color-matched caps and aperture milky and transparent. In addition, we offer a LED "shelf" along with dedicated hardened panes. This arrangement in a memorable way will highlight your interior. Polish patent guarantees high quality and precise workmanship of our aluminum profiles.


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profile led producent, profile aluminiowe led, profile led, profile led wrocław, profile led łódź, profile led poznań, p

Anodized aluminum profile - M21S

2.91 Euro
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profile led producent, profile aluminiowe led, profile led, profile led wrocław, profile led łódź, profile led poznań, p

Anodized aluminum profile - M11S

3.10 Euro
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profile led producent, profile aluminiowe led, profile led, profile led wrocław, profile led łódź, profile led poznań, p

Anodized aluminum profile - M31S

4.20 Euro
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profile led producent, profile aluminiowe led, profile led, profile led wrocław, profile led łódź, profile led poznań, p

Anodized aluminum profile - M2Ws

4.09 Euro
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profile led producent, profile aluminiowe led, profile led, profile led wrocław, profile led łódź, profile led poznań, p

Anodized aluminum profile - M7s

6.14 Euro
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profil M8 profil do płyt gips-karton, profile aluminiowe, profil  Kartongipsplatten, profile drywall

Profiel LED M8 - anodized

8.72 Euro
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Led Economic profile

Light is one of the most important elements in every interior, not only functional but also decorative. Therefore, it is good to choose the type of lighting, because it is a decision for a long time - lighting does not replace every few seasons. In search of functional and reliable lighting it is worth to check out the offer of technologically advanced led lighting. It will be used where traditional lighting systems will not work well or will generate high costs. Ordinary ceiling lamps, standing lamps and wall lamps are not always the best option - they often do not provide as much light as a room user needs. In such a situation, LED lighting, which combines safety, longevity and energy efficiency, will be an excellent alternative.

High durability in all conditions

Profile led is a proposal that will work well in every room and more. Profiles are durable, resistant to weather and moisture. Due to this they can also be installed outdoors. They will be a great source of light on stairs leading up to the property, at the entrance gate, at the garage entrance, or as a backlight for the small garden architecture. In the interiors of the rooms, the led profiles have even more applications. You can light up virtually any surface in any room. Ideally they will work well in the representative rooms as well as in those that serve the purpose. With led profiles, you can illuminate the individual elements of the bathroom, including a large mirror. In the kitchen, the led profiles can be mounted over the kitchen island, above the worktops, as well as in the cupboards or under the shelves, making them more convenient and comfortable to use. Led profiles will also work well in the pantry cabinet or in the pantry - illuminated shelves will help you quickly find the product you are looking for.

Well lit stairs and communication lines

With properly selected led profiles, you can also create safe and comfortable stair lighting. Aluminum profiles will perform much better than any traditional light source. First of all, because they can be installed at every step, which increases the safety of the staircase. Aluminum profiles are durable and resistant to mechanical damage, so they will perform well in space, which is often used, and thus much more vulnerable to various types of damage. By installing led leds linked to technologically advanced controllers, you can get functional stair lighting that will be tailored to your individual needs. The light will only light when one of the stairs will be used, so you can significantly reduce the amount of electricity used.

Convenient use of shelves, cupboards and drawers

Led profiles will also work great as backers for wardrobes, wardrobes, shelves and drawers. It is worth connecting to modern drivers, so that the lighting will only turn on when the user will use the specific furniture. When the cabinet or drawers are not in use, the lighting will be off or in the sleep state. Due to led profiles you can also create interesting interior arrangements. Light is one of the elements that can shape the mood and visually change the way we receive specific interior. Due to led profiles, you can highlight the furniture or the design elements that we want to highlight.

Illumination selected for interior needs

When planning lighting with led profiles, it is a good idea to think about where they will be mounted. Their excess, just as too little quantity will certainly not look too good. It is worth remembering that light also has an ornamental function and should not be too much, especially when it serves to illuminate interesting interior design elements. In representative spaces like living room, dining room or living room it is worth lighting led lights to those places that we actually want to emphasize and highlight their beauty. Excessive profiles and illumination of all furniture will certainly not be a good solution as it will bring chaos into the interior. One illuminated showcase or shelf is enough to give the room a unique character. It is quite different in situations where the led profiles are supposed to perform practical functions. In drawers, cabinets, or dressing rooms, it's never enough - in this case, it's best to go for practical reasons and choose as many leds to provide the right light to each corner.

Proven solutions for utility applications

Modern, robust led profiles can be assembled not only in residential buildings. They will also work well in all sorts of service points. Due to them, they can perfectly illuminate shop windows or stands in shopping malls. They are functional, durable and perfectly illuminate selected surfaces. You can create interesting lighting arrangements that will attract your eyes. Led profiles used in shop windows are ideal as night lights when main lighting is off. Due to them, even when the store is closed, it will not be completely dark. And this is of great importance to security.

Wide range of Polish manufacturer

Restan has for years been a manufacturer of state-of-the-art, advanced lighting systems that meet the needs of even the most demanding users. We offer a wide selection of led economic profiles that combine aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency. LED lighting is extremely economical. Although lit with full power and perfectly illuminates any interior, in fact gets little power from the grid. By investing in state-of-the-art LED lighting, you can be sure that electricity bills will drop significantly. Replacing traditional light sources with led lighting is an investment that will bring real savings over the next several years, and will also delight your eyes. Moreover, led profiles are durable and long lasting. Once mounted, they operate unchanged for many years. High quality aluminum protects against mechanical damage even in places that are most vulnerable to damage. Profiles mounted in drawers or stairwells in the staircase will thus be presented in the same years as well as profiles used to highlight the sites for ornamental purposes only.

Perfect mounting for any surface

Led profiles can be mounted practically to any surface - wood, metal, glass, plastics. Each time the mounting will be durable, durable and long lasting. They are equipped with a variety of simple and quick assembly options. They can be fastened with special latches, hooks, and even with specialized glue. Profiles can be easily mounted on their own - each product comes with a clear and clear operating instructions, so you can quickly and easily install profiles to the selected surface. Attaching a profile to a selected surface takes only a few moments, so you can enjoy the new, reliable light source almost immediately.

Addition of the arrangement of plasterboards

Modern, lightweight and reliable led economic profiles can be used in combination with ceramic or gypsum boards. This creates an interesting light arrangement that combines useful and decorative functions. Plasterboards are increasingly used in interiors as partitions or for the production of interesting forms of suspended ceilings. Traditional lighting in such places does not work, so it is worth to use for interior lighting led profiles. Perfectly integrate into the whole arrangement, creating an interesting atmosphere inside. Profiles for plasterboards are made to be easily assembled and durable. Due to that, the lighting creates a whole with the plates and there is no fear that it will be poorly assembled.

Two types of shutter - milk and transparent

The led profiles are available in a wide choice of shapes so that they can be perfectly matched to the selected surface. They also have two available colors - transparent and milky. You can choose the color that best meets your expectations. Transparent light will check wherever you need strong and bright lighting, ie at utility areas. As a decorative element for lighting furniture or other interior elements, it is worthwhile to use led profiles with milk sheaths. Due to them the light will be gently filtered and illuminated exactly what you need. Delicate light in the dashboard does not strike the eye even when the lighting is working at full power.

It is worth to bet on the highest quality

All Restan led economic profiles are top-notch products that meet all of your expectations. They are available in many sizes, but we can cut them to the size you want. They can be perfectly matched to any surface and provide the perfect light source. By choosing the products offered by the Polish manufacturer you can be sure that they will be made with the highest precision, elegance, durability and reliability. Led economic profiles will surely meet all your quality and functional requirements.