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Architectural profiles for LED fixtures – dedicated to mounting on ceilings and drywall. Their height was designed the way that they can produce a single line  of light with LEDs with 15mm spacing and a frosted cover HS 22. The source of light is one or two 10 mm-wide LED strips. Surface mounting is perfomed with the use of mounting springs. During the mounting all profi les-fi xtures should have power cables led to them beforehand. Power supplies can be placed loose on the left side of the ceiling or within the walls.
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profil led allegro, profil led poznań, oprawy led, profil led narożny, profil led 45, profil led pcv, profil led sufit,profil led szeroki
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sprężyny mocujące profil led, SURFACE MOUNTED PROFILES, ARCHITECTURAL PROFILES FOR LED FIXTURES - TECHNICAL PROFILE, Light is such a common element in our life that we do not notice it until it disappears. Everyday we are exposed to all types of sources of light. LEDs have become a relatively new source that has been added to the list. Diodes have been introduced to the market since the expansion of modern electronic devices. LED became more and more popular and nowadays are considered to be an important source of light for other industries. LEDs function as a lighting or illumination source. They are very energy effi cient. For example we off er diodes that use as little as 0.08 W for each lighting point. Therefore, purchase of LED pays for itself within a very short period of time. Other advantages are their long lifespan and small dimensions. LED’s features distinguish them from other sources of light. We were surprised that they were not used or implemented earlier in a wide range of other industrial applications besides electronics. Commonly used old sources of light are equipped with light fi xtures. As a result they can be used in any desired areas. LEDs did not have an easy and universal fi xture system that made it diffi cult to apply this source of lighting anywhere else but electronic devices. KLUS Company team developed and manufactured since 2006 new LED light fi xture systems profi les. The new system will facilitate and popularize a number of applications that require compact lighting solutions. LED profi les are designed to be mounted indoors and outdoors. Indoor applications: interior design, architecture, furniture, scenography, advertisement, industrial design, exhibits (shop displays, museum exhibits) etc. Outdoor applications: diff erent types of pavements, sidewalk surfaces, communic

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