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SMD 2835

LED strip is a technology that will surprise you. LED strips allow for a variety of solutions. Do you want to beautify your home, apartment use the LED strip. Technical properties enable the use of LED strip lights to decorate the mirror in the bathroom, hallway, room or kitchen. Appropriately selected LED strip Meuse be used as emergency light, lighting lofts, cornices, terraces, arches and arbours.
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In our offer we have a wide range of LED strips. From the most popular based on a diode 3528 or more technologically advanced based on SMD5050, SMD6530, SMD3014, SMD2835. We offer different densities placed LED strips ranging from 30, 60, 120 or even 240 LEDs by 1mb.
Also, the degree of protection against moisture differentiate depending on the intended use - from IP20 up to IP67 ending. We also offer LED strips - side the edge lighting and controlled chip - where you can control each LED independently.  
A wide range of colors monochrome LED strip gives you the opportunity to choose the optimal solution the color from white to a warm through the cold white, red, blue, green or yellow. We also offer RGB LED strip or the latest technology RGBW LED strips that give full opportunity to control color - use the full range of RGB also available to give the opportunity to room lighting color white. All of our LED strips cooperate with corresponding LED dimmers and controllers RGB which further increases their functionality. As standard with 3M double-sided tape allows for easy installation to the desired surface.  
LED strip in its universality has another advantage can be cut to the desired size every 3 LEDs, in practice, this means cutting at 10, 5 or 2.5 cm. Cut sections can be re-possessed combine up using LED strip. Another advantage is the energy efficiency of the product, installing LED strip can be sure that your energy bills will diminish.