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RGBW LED strip - cold white - one chip


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Number: 1650


EAN: 5902082822158

Condition of the product: New

Price: 40.10 Euro

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RGBW LED strips 12V 5050 - Construction of the LED strip is based on a three-chip SMD LEDs. On this tape you will find LED besides the traditional RGB LEDs SMD LEDs 5050 in color hot or cold (depending on the model of LED strip). Through the use of alternating RGB LEDs and LED (MONO), we can get besides a full range of colorful hues as white in color with warm or cold. To suitably adjust the RGBW LED strips also require appropriate controller. RGBW LED strip is mainly used for decorative purposes.
RGBW LED strip can be used in the system FIBARO to cooperate with the controller RGBW.

RGBW LED strips are the most advanced, has decorative possibilities, because apart shade of white - cold, we have several millions of color variations for the emitted light. Such a role - a decorative - they just spent. With simple installation, small size, the possibility of cutting in designated areas strap diodes, are precise tool to illuminate even very small places like cabinets, greater accuracy for highlighting stairs, etc.

LEDs are durable - 35 thousand. hours of light, you can turn them on and off approx. 50 thousand. times by are ECO, because rarely throw them away. In addition, LED technology saves energy through more efficient use of power consumption.

The entire 5-meter strip contains 300 LED 60 has a meter. Resistance to damage. In terms of the quality of the light source can not be underestimated is the long service life, incomparably longer compared to conventional bulbs. Model led strip which we in this place can shine 35 thousand. hours. High energy efficiency. 14W and 1.2A per meter.

The color temperature of white defined as a cold, is preferred in spaces with modern design. Cool white is a shade similar to that with which we associate whiteness as such. It is a distinctive color, emphasizing the illuminated objects. Recommended as lighting places on the presentation which we depend, also outside the building.


Supply voltage - 12V DC
The luminous flux (5 meters): red 620 nm; green 520 nm; blue 460 nm (+/- 2%); warm white 2700-3300K
Number of LED (meter): 60
LED quantity (roll 5 meters) 300
Power consumption (meter): 14W
Power consumption (roll 5 meters): 72W
Power consumption (meter): 1.2A
Power consumption (roll 5 meters): 6A
LED type: SMD5050 (4xCHIP)
Beam angle: 120 °
Section cuts: 5cm
Backing: a flexible copper laminate PCB
Colour base: white
The dimensions (width x height) - 12 x 3 mm
Lifespan: 35 000 hours
Warm-up time to 60% of: 1 s
The number of cycles on / off: 50000
Świetlenego stream factor of 30 000 h light: 30%
Starting time: 1.1 seconds
Lamp Power Factor: ≥ 0.5
Cooperation with dimming: PWM dimmers only

rgbw led strip, rgbw biały ciepły , rgbw biały

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