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RGBW LED strip - cold white - IP63


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RGBW LED strips 12V 5050 - Construction of the LED strip is based on a three-chip SMD LEDs. On this tape you will find LED besides the traditional RGB LEDs SMD LEDs 5050 in color hot or cold (depending on the model of LED strip). Through the use of alternating RGB LEDs and LED (MONO), we can get besides a full range of colorful hues as white in color with warm or cold. To suitably adjust the RGBW LED strips also require appropriate controller. RGBW LED strip is mainly used for decorative purposes.
RGBW LED strip can be used in the system FIBARO to cooperate with the controller RGBW.

After the market entry strips with LED been a revolution in the decorative market  where lighting could begin to play a phenomenal role, as the light emitted by example. With all types of cavities, ducts, the stairs, the other and more accurate locations than any type of mesh or even miniature lamps and ceilings.

First made a miniaturization of the light source - it is tiny and not big LED bulb. The second diode and modules housed be attached to the laminate in white, which not only is relatively narrow, which further can be cut up to several cm pieces without compromising the quality of light.

LED strip with LED lights offer significant energy savings, since because of the durability (tens of thousands of burning hours) seldom throw away and replace and efficient use of power from the electrical system. RGBW LED strips are the most advanced, has decorative possibilities, because apart shade of white - cold, we have several millions of color variations for the emitted light.

The leakage LED strip at IP63, this means that the light source is completely protected against even the smallest solid, is the total resistance to micro-mechanical. When it comes to protection against moisture, low levels it does not hurt to light. But it is not possible to dipping, or exposure to even sporadic rainfall.

Cold shade of white is crisp and sharp, often with a blue glow. Is chosen wherever a need to highlight any element of the arrangement, eg. Fish pond. In contrast to the warm color temperature it is less relevant for personal use. Very well suited for use in industry, manufacturing plants, commercial lighting.


Dimensions: 5000x12x2mm 
The possibility of shortening at 10cm 
Color: RGB + W 
Power: 14.4 W / m 
Voltage: 12V DC (direct current) 
Common anode (+) 
Number of LEDs SMD 5050 RGB (multi-color): 150LED 
Number of LEDs SMD 5050 warm white / cool white (depending on model): 150LED 
Standards: IP20

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