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N-LED E27 base, everyone met him - is also called "primary thread." Bulbs in this thread - E27 have been disseminated by Thomas Alva Edison and are still very popular and widespread. Bulbs E27 bulb is the most commonly used in homes.
Awareness of environmental and economic accompanies every budget Home-and firmowemu. No decision on the exchange of energy-efficient lighting and environmental sustainability are at the same time daily losses in the budget. It is important to choose LED bulb E27 of good quality, selection of cheap commonly available in supermarkets models may be an alternative way. We offer LED bulbs E27 using the latest types of COB LEDs, SMD5630, SMD5050, SMD2835 or SMD3014. This ensures the satisfaction of use. Replacing incandescent lighting to LED lighting saves 90% of energy used for lighting.
LED bulbs with E27 can be easily used in existing luminaires. They do not require an additional power supply - their design allows you to connect it directly under tension 110-230V. Not replacing installations, fittings immediately enjoy the effect.

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