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N-LED LED bulbs with E14 are very often used in our homes and offices. Thanks to its attractive appearance like to arrange for their share of our room. In our offer you will find bulb-shaped candles - aesthetic and fit the nature of the bed, in the kitchen, over the stove or in the lamp in the living room. The shape of a flame highlighting the uniqueness of our chosen destinations. "Balls" for small chandeliers. This makes it possible to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps in our house - modernity is at your fingertips
You ask what changed? If only to conserve and protect the environment. LED bulbs are 90% energy savings. Each bulb replaced for good quality E14 LED bulb is a tangible benefit.
LED bulbs with E14 does not require installation LED power supplies. Excuses the old bulb and screw in a light bulb LED and you can enjoy all of its features.

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