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LED strip COB NEON 2640 / 24 VDC IP66


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Light color
Biała ciepła / warm white / Warmweiß
Biała ciepła / warm white / Warmweiß
Biała dzienna / daylight /  Tageslicht
Biała dzienna / daylight / Tageslicht
Biała zimna / cold white / Kaltweiß
Biała zimna / cold white / Kaltweiß

Price: 95.47 Euro

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Innovative LED lighting strip made in COB technology. LED connectors applied to the tape base in a density of 528sz / m
allowing to obtain the effect of a continuous line of light without shining points. Self-adhesive 3M LSE mounting tape is applied to the ground. The diodes from which the tape is made are characterized by very high brightness and a wide viewing angle. Their long service life guarantees a very long trouble-free operation. It is possible to cut the tape into shorter sections. Each segment consists of 24 diodes and its minimum length is 45.45mm. LED strip with a substrate width of 8 mm and a length of 5 m.

Make sure that the belt's mounting location ensures proper heat dissipation, which has a huge impact on the belt's life.
The surface on which we want to mount the tape should be properly prepared: free from dust and dirt, degreased.

The tape is designed for 24 V DC supply, there are markings on the ground that indicate how to connect it properly

Note: Be careful when connecting the power supply, do not connect the tape directly to the 230V network - it may cause a risk
electric shock and immediate damage to the product. To power the LED strips, it is recommended to use stabilized DC power supplies maintaining a margin (reserve) of 20% of the power supply power compared to the nominal power of the tape (installation).
It is not recommended to connect LED strips in sections longer than 5m. Installations longer than 5m should be powered bilaterally or by keeping
multiple of 5m. This will ensure rated life and eliminate voltage drops.

The IP20 protection class tapes can be used indoors, in dust-free and dry conditions.
The tape can be divided into shorter sections only in places marked for cutting. Cutting the tape elsewhere will cause damage
parts of the ground. It should be remembered that cutting the tapes can only be done with the power off.

The electrical installation in which we want to mount the LED strip must be equipped with: short circuit, overload and overvoltage protections.

- (2800 - 3200 K) - 97lm/W - 970lm/m - 24VDC/50W
- (4000 - 4500 K) - 105lm/W  - 1050lm/m - 24VDC/50W
- (6000 - 6500 K)  - 105lm/W  - 1050lm/m - 24VDC/50W​​​​​​​

COB neon led strip


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