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LED Lighting

The development of LED technology has given the possibility of implementing new challenges in lighting. LED lighting is growing very rapidly through such miniaturization, longer life, increased efficiency and durability. Expenditures on research and development led to a significant increase in the quality of light-emitting diodes. Combined with creative design, this technology laid the foundations for a new generation of cutting-edge products.

LED lighting is ideal for obtaining the multiple scenes both indoors and outdoors. Lighting effects obtained can be dispersed or concentrated, and the designer or the investor has the freedom to use the full range of colors. Using single-color LEDs or RGB (red, green and blue - opens new possibilities for mixing colors from different luminaires or within one luminaire. To achieve the desired light effect also applies lighting control allowing the user to control the interaction of colors, their intensity, or return to previous settings. This range of possibilities makes LED lighting in a privileged position compared to traditional light sources.

Luminaires with LED sources with dedicated optics to allow to obtain both vertically and horizontally which individual lighting effects. LEDs are ideal for projects where color is most important. Their monochromatic light is not only the best in terms of purity, but also does not emit harmful wavelengths of ultraviolet, both in and IR.


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