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Expander 4-channel - pilots FIBARO


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Radio equipment operating in the band 433.92 MHz, allowing for remote handling Fibaro by pilots Fibaro. Each button or combination of buttons, each pilot Fibaro may otherwise controlled 4-channel Expander - enable, disable or independently change the state of one, two, three or all four channels. 

Application and advantages of the device: 
allows you to extend the range of wireless control System Fibaro to 200 m - radio communication in the band 433.92 MHz, 
communicates with all pilots available in the offer Fibaro - 4-channel transmitters, Pilot Automotive, Pilot locator outer Keyboard, 
in conjunction with the Pilot locator allows the dependence of action scenes from the presence / absence of people - out of the owner of the house will arm the alarm and return inmate disarm the alarm and activate the selected scene - eg. illumination of the lights in the house and the driveway, open the garage door, 
With support for four channels, it is possible to remotely run to four different stages - each of the channels is controlled independently of the others, 
every pilot paired with a 4-channel Expander may have other effects, 
it is possible to create logic, eg. to be able to open the garage door must be opened first gate, fence, 
In practice, the Expander 4-channel behaves like a 4 key switch mono / bistable (depending on your settings), controlled by radio, by remote control. 

Product Highlights: 
- Range up to 200m 
- Co-operation with up to 250 pilots 
- Optical and acoustic indication of a low battery remote control

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