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Driver - star sky

Driver - star sky


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16 channel driver for the stars

16 channel driver for the stars 16 Channel Driver Description Driver stars in the sky with PWM (dim or brighten the LEDs). Effect tentiaries stars. Super strong effects of the night doing impressions! The controller designed for LEDs. The controller can be connected to any of 20mA LEDs (forward voltage from 1.5 V to 4V). The driver has built-in 3 mounting potentiometers. Potentiometer middle to set the speed and eye-catching two extremes to control the minimum and maximum levels of illumination LEDs. The level of illumination can be set freely between 0% to 100%. For example, configurations may be as follows: lights sparkle in the range from 10% to 20% from 30% to 90%, etc. The effect of luminous stars in the sky was obtained by applying a PWM (dim or brighten the LEDs) using an advanced algorithm pseudo . This method allowed the right to reproduce the effect tentiaries stars in the sky. The heart of the controller is ATmega8 processor. The system has a slot HEADER. Power supply should be in the range +7 V to +12 V.

Photos are

In the above animation effect for about 100 diodes was obtained using several drivers. The best (most diverse) effects are achieved by connecting the diode ONE ONE channel (or 16 LEDs on the controller 16-channel)!


1 small dimensions of 3cm x 5cm
2. compact third
3. driver suitable for any LEDs to 20 mA (from 1.5 to 4V forward voltage)
4 speed control of effects and setting minimum and maximum luminous fifth very simple installation.
5. Simply plug in the power and diodes. LEDs can be combined with the driver even at several meters lines and thereby gain any length and shape of the mounted diodes. (No need to wield the LEDs directly to the controller as shown in the movie).
6. on one channel there a diode. The more LEDs, the more drivers you can use to maintain a very high diversity. For example, the 32 LEDs use 2 drivers.


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