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Density LED strip lights 60 / m

Density LED strip lights 60 / m Modern LED strips with densities of 60 per meter are ideally suited as additional lighting inside and outside. The tapes are available in several colors to choose from so that they can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your own interior. They are durable, durable, they work reliably in all conditions. They have different levels of protection against moisture, so you can choose such tapes, which will also work in conditions of increased moisture. They are flexible, easy to assemble and perfectly adapt to any surface. It is enough to fasten them with a functional double-sided tape. What's more, it is possible to cut them every 3 LEDs, which will allow you to choose a dimension that perfectly fits your place.

Due to LED strips you can illuminate the kitchen tops, mirrors and shelves in the bathroom, alcoves, stairs, cornices or attics. They also work well in difficult interiors, in which traditional lighting sources do not fulfill their task in one hundred percent. They look equally good outside, illuminating the terraces or garden gazebos. They work perfectly with controllers, dimmers and other elements of a modern lighting system. The big advantage of LED strips is also their energy efficiency. They take little energy from the network, and at the same time provide optimal illumination of the selected interior or surface. Choosing LED lighting you can be sure that it will not be an additional burden on the wallet, on the contrary - it will make the electricity bills automatically lower.
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