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Aluminium LED profile, aluminium led channel

Aluminium LED profile, aluminium led channel
One of the main advantages of LED aluminum profiles are their small size and aesthetics. Interior design and the environment requires a clear mind and creative thinking. We have a whole arsenal of tools that we can use halogen spotlights, inserts halogen lamps, linear and many more. Their use has certain advantages but the use of aluminum LED extends the range of possibilities. Only with their participation as easily light the our wardrobe in the dressing room, kitchen furniture, suspended ceiling, bathroom. In combination with LED technology will get a modern, eco-friendly interior. Let yourself fantasize when arranging and let's use the opportunity LED aluminum profiles.

A wide range of models offered by us is not only the traditional aluminum profiles for lighting line, it also profiles for installation in cardboard-plaster or in the arms of the stairs. This profile watertight, which you can use on your driveway to garage, garden and facade lighting. This unique solution for use in bathrooms, saunas or swimming pools. Aluminum is an excellent material does not corrode does not age. Choosing anodized versions gain an additional effect of professionalism and luxury.
Large selection covers from milk until transparent makes makes we enjoy suitably chosen scattering enlightened. Accessories for aluminum profiles: end caps,. mounting braking etc.. Complement the possibility of arranging the entire system.
The unique character of your rooms depends on you. You decide the uniqueness of the place where you live and work. Give your surroundings a unique character using aluminum LED.


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Color of light - led strip
TAMI, profile, B5390 profile, TAMI klus profile, TAMI channel,


2.78 Euro
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PAC-ALU, profile, B4370 profile, PAC-ALU klus profile, PAC-ALU channel,

Profiel LED PAC-ALU anodized

5.09 Euro
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STEKO profile, 18018 profile, STEKO klus profile, STEKO channel,


13.26 Euro
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STEP, profile, B4845 profile, STEP klus profile, STEP channel,

Profiel LED STEP

31.26 Euro
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profil to stair, treppen profile, profil do schodów, STEP profile

Profiel LED STEP - black

31.26 Euro
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TOST profile, B5393 profile, TOST klus profile, TOST channel,


5.01 Euro
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TAN-C5 profile, B5391 profile, TAN-C5 klus profile, TAN-C5 channel,

Profiel LED TAN-C5

3.70 Euro
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TAN-C5 profile, B5391 profile, TAN-C5 klus profile, TAN-C5 channel,

Profiel LED TAN-C5 ANO

4.63 Euro
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TAKO profile, B5392 profile, TAKO klus profile, TAKO channel,


4.17 Euro
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STOS, profile, B4369 profile, STOS klus profile,STOS channel,

Profiel LED STOS

5.09 Euro
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JAZ , profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles

End cap to JAZ profile

2.51 Euro
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JAZ , profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles to bathroom

Profile JAZ

4.14 Euro
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KOPRO profile, B6367 profile, KOPRO klus profile, KOPRO channel,

Profile KOPRO

9.29 Euro
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kopro-30 , profil led, profil led IP67, profil led alu, led profiles to bathroom

Profile KOPRO-30

9.29 Euro
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LINO profile, B8287 profile, LINO klus profile, LINO channel,

Profile LINO

4.02 Euro
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PIKO profile, B8288 profile, PIKO klus profile, PIKO channel,

Profile PIKO

2.61 Euro
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GLAD-45 profile, B7009 profile, GLAD-45 klus profile, GLAD-45 channel,

Profile LED GLAD 45

9.03 Euro
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KUBIK-45 profile, B7697 profile, KUBIK-45 klus profile, KUBIK-45 channel,

Profile LED KUBIK-45

6.68 Euro
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HR-LINE, profile, B3579 profile, HR-LINE klus profile, HR-LINE channel,


13.88 Euro
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TRIADA, profile, B4476 profile, TRIADA klus profile, TRIADA channel,


12.65 Euro
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TRIADA-K, profile, B4477 profile, TRIADA-K klus profile, TRIADA-K channel,


12.03 Euro
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LOC-30, LOC-30 profile, 18015 profile, LOC-30 klus profile, LOC-30 channel,

Profiel LED LOC-30

12.48 Euro
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MULTI-A, profile, B4570 profile, MULTI-A klus profile, MULTI-A channel,


67.81 Euro
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Profil mutli, lampa led, multi


21.59 Euro
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ATRA profile, 18032 profile, ATRA klus profile, ATRA channel

Profile LED ATRA

18.72 Euro
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Led profiles, led alu profiles, led mdf profiles

Innovative LED lighting is enjoying the ever-growing interest of home and home users. Thanks to bulbs, tapes and led profiles you can give every room a whole new word. LED lighting is not only practical but also decorative - thanks to the proper planning of light, it can make it a great ornament in both representative and utility rooms. Moreover, it has many advantages not offered by traditional interior lighting. Where simple lamps do not work well, invest in LED lighting. It is cheap, efficient, effective and safe for users.

In every room the led light will be reliable

Led lighting works great in any interior, no matter what its purpose. They can be installed in the living room, bedroom, living room and children's room and in the kitchen and bathroom. Every time you get a great visual effect and light source that will work out for many years to come. LED lighting has many advantages that do not have traditional light sources. First and foremost, it is efficient and energy-efficient - light bulbs, tapes or profiles are illuminated at full power while not consuming too much electricity from the grid. What's more - immediately after switching on, the light is on perfectly, it does not need a few seconds to start or warm up. LED lighting is also durable, durable and long lasting. By investing in these types of light sources, you can be sure that they will last for many years without fail, without having to upgrade to newer models. Luminaries may forget the problem of burned-out light bulbs, which usually stop shining at the wrong moment. With LED lighting you can always be sure that the light source will be reliable and will meet all the expectations of the occupants of the premises.

Wide choice for your needs

Restan Company is a renowned manufacturer of led profiles that are a perfect addition to any interior lighting. Led profiles are a great complement to tapes and led leds. This unique, linear light source perfectly fits into the various interior design elements. Led profiles are efficient, technologically advanced and durable, yet very aesthetically pleasing. Perfectly suited to any style of decor - they can easily illuminate both classical and modern interiors with interesting, minimalistic design. Led profiles fit every material - they can be combined with wood, plastics, glass or hardened steel. With each material they blend perfectly, forming a composite composition with it. Thanks to this, LED lighting is equally eagerly chosen by classic lovers as well as by people who like modern and innovative interior design.

Small, aesthetic and durable

The great advantage of led profiles are their small size and the aesthetics of the design. When assembled anywhere, they perfectly fit and perfectly blend with the environment. We offer a wide selection of models, so each customer will find a product that meets his individual needs and expectations. Our offer includes, among others, classic aluminum profiles for linear lighting. They can be used to light suspended ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes or large wardrobes. Aluminum profiles will provide the right light wherever it is needed.

Profiles for rails and railings

We also recommend led profiles for lighting stairs, railings and railing. Thanks to them you can ensure safe and comfortable use of each staircase. The led profile for stair lighting is a range of possibilities and high functionality and convenience. They light up the stairs considerably better and more efficiently than any traditional light source. Thanks to the use of led profiles, you can significantly reduce the cost of stair lighting. The light is lit only when it is really needed and does not have to glow all the time. What's more, LED lighting is exceptionally energy-efficient - the cost of lighting a staircase will not be high.

Ideally composed with plasterboards

Led profiles can also be easily combined with gypsum boards. In our offer you will find profiles specially designed for this purpose. Plasterboards are today one of the most popular materials for finishing the interior. Thanks to them, you can divide the room into two smaller ones or create an attractive suspended ceiling, giving you a lot of arrangement possibilities. Led g-k leds are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are additionally equipped with all the components needed to make them easy to assemble. Profiles are very easy to assemble, yet extremely durable and durable. Once mounted, they can serve in unaltered state for many years. They can be assembled using special surface springs, latches, screws and even with the use of suitable adhesive.

Power supply location - ideal for use

We also offer special led profiles with a power supply location - these are primarily designed to create and manufacture various types of lighting fixtures. This makes it possible to install lighting not only on the ceiling but also on the walls. Profiles with power supply locations increase the possibilities of using LED lighting. With them, you can also create interesting light arrangements - hanging lamps and sconces, which are not only a great light source, but also an interesting element of the interior. With its unique and innovative LED profiles, you can be sure that your lighting will always be up and running no matter where you install it. Profiles with places for the power supply are comfortable, comfortable and effective, and at the same time simple and trouble-free in assembly. You can always be sure that they will function smoothly and reliably, providing the right light source wherever it will be needed. Even in places where traditional light sources are difficult or even impossible to install.

Glass and acrylic - backlight is important

In interior design a great effect is a combination of light with transparent materials such as glass or acrylic. Transparent or translucent surfaces combined with the light that penetrates them from underneath give a great impression and attract a glance. Filtered and subdued light will create an extraordinary atmosphere in the representative room, such as the living room or living room, as well as the living room, kitchen, bathroom or stairs. Glass and light is a solution that almost always works out a hundred percent. In our offer you will find special led profiles, thanks to which you can emphasize surfaces made of these materials. Profiles can be adjusted to the thickness of the glass or plastic, so that the profile can be tailored to your individual needs. They are simple to assemble and extremely durable - they will remain reliable for a long time after being fitted to the selected plastics. Highlighted glass or acrylic creates an extremely interesting and impressive visual effect. With led profiles, you can be assured that every surface will look perfect, unconventional and create a unique atmosphere in the interior.

It is worth investing in the highest quality

All led profiles offered in our shop are top quality products made of the best aluminum. They are durable and durable, do not age and are resistant to atmospheric agents such as humidity, burning sun, frost or wind. They can be mounted comfortably, not only inside the premises, but also in the open space. Outside the building, the profiles will create unique light illumination that highlights all the architectural advantages and will work reliably in any weather. Aluminum led profiles do not get old or corrode - even after a long period of use they will look as new. They do not need to be refreshed or taken care of in a special way. Their reliability and longevity are primarily taken care of by manufacturers.

To choose full or dim light

In addition to a wide selection of profile types, we also offer a wide selection of products from dairy to transparent. So you can easily choose the type of light and degree of intensity that will be perfectly tailored to your individual needs. In areas where lighting is extremely difficult to find, profiles with transparent lenses can be installed that provide strong and intense light. However, in those parts of the room, where the lighting is supposed to perform primarily decorative functions, you can choose to have a dense light that will give the interior a unique atmosphere.

Profiles adapted to the needs of the interior

Led profiles are a solution that will surely work in any interior. They are durable, reliable, trouble-free, and exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. By deciding on this type of interior lighting you can be sure that the investment will certainly pay off and not only economically. Profile led is a light source that not only illuminates the interior, but also will be a unique decoration. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of led profiles. Certainly in the rich offer of our store you will find profiles that will be an ideal source of light. All ordered in our shop we send products in the shortest time from the order. We also provide professional support and advice. If you have any questions about the installation or use of led profiles, our advisors are at your disposal.
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